Ireland 2021 In Planning Phase Now

I just returned from Ireland, having lead a group of 10 professional photographers and their spouses on a grand tour.  It was a smashing success!  

As a result, we are going to do it again.  But we are going to take our time and plan to greatest tour of Ireland ever.  It will be limited to 18 people and will happen in the summer of 2021.

This page is a work in progress, but see below for additional information on what this trip is going to look like:

Explore the Wild Atlantic Way on the Trip of a Lifetime

Come with me on a tour of the spectacular west coast of Ireland, referred to as the Wild Atlantic Way for its rugged natural beauty.  You’ll see everything from spectacular cliffs and scenery, to amazing ruined castles, to placid mountain lakes.  All the while you’ll be treated to the friendliness and warmth of the Irish people.

Capture the Best Pictures of Your Life

You will come home with the most incredible pictures you have ever taken.  I will take you to places of spectacular scenery at exactly the right time.  Not only that, but I’ll show you how to capture these scenes for maximum impact.  Whether you are just getting started with photography or a seasoned pro, you will come home with photos you treasure, which you can turn into heirlooms for your home or office.

Fun and Adventure

In addition to capturing great photos, you will have a great time on this trip.  I will take the stress out of getting around.  We will see the highlights of Ireland.  When the times are right, we will photograph the Irish scenery.  When they aren’t, we will relax, or tour historical places, or engage in additional activities such as falconing or fishing.  Other times, we will enjoy music and drinks in the pubs with the locals.

Luxury and Comfort

This trip will also include a taste of luxury.  You will stay in first-rate accommodations.  These will include manor houses, B&Bs, and even castles!  In the mornings, you’ll be treated to full Irish breakfasts.  In the evenings, you’ll enjoy amazing dinners in local restaurants.  This trip is made for you to bring your spouses and significant others.  They too will have the time of their lives.

The Best Locations

This is a custom-designed tour designed to get you to the best, most scenic locations in Ireland.  We’ll hit the biggies – the places you have to go on any trip to Ireland – but when we do so we’ll make sure you are in the spots to get the best pictures in the best light.  We will also go to less traveled places I have scouted on prior trips.  There is an embarrassment of riches in terms of scenery in Ireland, and we’ll be choosing between a lot of cool places.

The Best Light

Our itinerary is designed to have you in the best spots near sunrise and sunset, of course.  Irish weather is notoriously cloudy, and we’ll put “nature’s softbox” to work for us to get shots during the day as well.  You’ll learn all about photographing in different lighting situations. 

Improving Your Photography

This is an unparelled opportunity that I guarantee will improve your photography.  How could it not?  You’ll be immersed in photography for 13 full days.  You’ll have one-on-one access to an instructor, known for a simple, easy to understand style of teaching.  Ultimately, photography is about problem solving to achieve a goal, and we’ll work through all sorts of issues and conditions together.


This is a preliminary schedule for the tour.  The final schedule will be very similar to this, but there could be slight modifications.

Day 1:  Kilkenny, Rock of Cashel, and Southern Coast

We will start in Dublin and make our way west toward the Wild Atlantic Way.  We will make stops along the way to experience Irish castle ruins, at both Kilkenny and the Rock of Cashel.  We will reach the coastal town of Kinsale, where we can relax, enjoy dinner, and photograph at sunset.  There are plenty of pubs and restaurants to enjoy our evening there as well.

Day 2:  Kinsale and the Southern Coast

Now that we are at the starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way, we will photograph the coast and also enjoy the hospitality of Kinsale.  In the morning, we will go to Nohoval Cove, with its huge rock formations and amazing coatal views.  After that, we’ll head back to Kinsale. You will have plenty of time to explore the Charles Fort and the charm of Kinsale.

Day 3 – Southern Coast and Mizen Head

Now we will get started following the Wild Atlantic Way.  We will follow it to the southernmost peninsula of Ireland – to Mizen Head.    Here we will experience the dramatic overlooks at the very tip of Mizen Head, and also hike to Three Castle’s Head, an almost otherworldly place with castles and lakes standing hundreds of feet over the crashing surf. We will cut north and go through the Healy Pass, stopping to take photos at amazing views.  We will end our day near Kenmare, a lively town with much to do and see.

Day 4:  Killarney National Park

Today, we venture into perhaps the most scenic part of Ireland.  We will explore Killarney National Park, including lakes, ruins, and amazing scenery.  We will relax in the park and on a country estate as well. 

Day 5:  Ring of Kerry and Skellig Michael

We will knock out the famous Ring of Kerry – but not in the way of the tourist. We’ll round the southern part of the Ring in the early morning on our way to Portmagee.  From there, we’ll catch a boat to the incredible island of Skellig Michael, and see the remains of the monk who abandoned the island 1200 years ago.  After our visit to the island, we will complete the northern leg of the Ring of Kerry, before winding up in the charming seaside village of Dingle.

Day 6:  Dingle

Although the Ring of Kerry is the most famous peninsula in Ireland, perhaps the most scenic peninsula is the Dingle peninsula, which is where we will spend this day.  We will see dramatic cliffs and church and castle ruins.  We will enjoy the afternoon and evening in Dingle, photographing the people and/or enjoying its many restaurants and pubs.

Day 7:  Cliffs of Moher

We will make our way north and visit several spots on the coast of County Clare.  We will end up at the mighty Cliffs of Moher.  These 700-foot tall sheer cliffs are perhaps the top tourist attraction in Ireland, and for good reason.  We will enjoy the views from the top, and then take the path along the top of the cliffs.  We will then retire to Doolin, a town famous for its pubs and music.

Day 8:  County Clare

We will spe